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Vinoseal glass closures come in three unique collections.

Vinoseal Classic

The original version of the glass closure.

Vinoseal Edge

In a variety of creative shapes.

Vinoseal Premium

Crème de la crème of Vinoseal closures.

Vinoseal Design Options

Customization makes for an unforgettable brand.

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Make the Vinoseal your own with a wide selection of design options including top printing, side printing, 3D labels, metal stickers, color coatings, colored sealing rings, embossing, rhinestone cut, rainbow effect, metallic coating, matte effect, jewelry stones, etc.

Vinoseals are glass bottle closures for wine and spirit producers looking for a beautiful, custom, environmentally friendly liquor or wine bottle stopper.

How Vinoseal Closures Work

Our Customer Service and Technical Support are ready to help you with Vinoseal implementation.

The Vinoseal closure is a part of a system consisting of a closure, a bottle, and a capsule.

  1. The capsule ensures the safety of the system during storage and transport.
  2. The glass closure is made from high quality glass and is resistant to mechanical damage.
  3. The sealing ring is made of Elvax by DuPont and contains no phthalates or allergens.
  4. The closure can be inserted into the bottle manually or by semi or fully automatic bottling machines.

Recommended Bottles

All major bottle manufacturers offer a wide range of Vinoseal compatible products.

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