Advantages Of ACL

In the world of wine and spirit label design, there are many different options available to the brand owner. Traditionalists will likely stick with glue applied paper labels, while those who are more adventurist might venture into pressure sensitive film labels (PSFL), heat transfer labels or shrink sleeves. However, for the truly visionary package designer or brand-owner, there is another option – applied ceramic labelling (ACL).

According to the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), applied ceramic labelling (also known as silk screening) is “a process where ceramic inks are printed directly onto bottles and then heated to adhere the ink directly to the bottle, creating permanent decoration. ACL graphics can be up to 6 spot colors with potential for 360 degree graphics on the body and/or neck areas.”

So why would a winery, brewery or distillery consider silk screening their bottles vs these other labeling options? Below is a list of 8 advantages associated with silk screening your bottle:


  1. The bottle becomes your canvas. Get creative and think outside the box! You can print virtually anywhere on a round bottle. 360 degree wraps, necks and even the shoulders.
  2. The ability to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. The vast majority of beverage alcohol labels are confined to a traditionally shaped label on the front and back. With screen printed labels, your label is guaranteed to look different compared to your competitors. Be unique!
  3. Enhance your brand imagery with a premium, high-fired screen printed label. Use precious metal gold, platinum or cooper to elevate your brand in your consumer’s eyes. With an ultra-premium design and application, you should be able to charge a higher price point for your brand and generate more profit for you!
  4. The best durability in the marketplace. A ceramic label won’t scratch, tear, rip or wrinkle during shipping and handling. As well, you can confidently put your high-fired silk screened bottle in a freezer or a cooler full of ice water and the label will not come off.
  5. Production people love screen printed bottles! The bottles arrive and then they get filled – simple as that. No more time (or money) wasted operating/tinkering with a finicky labeling machine. No more hand applied labels! Printing directly on a bottle eliminates labeling issues that are common with tapered or non-round bottles. Production line efficiencies soar with screen printed bottles!
  6. Very low set up costs compared to traditional printers. With screen printing, you don’t have to pay for expensive plates and dyes. This makes screen printed bottles particularly cost effective in smaller quantities.
  7. The flexibility associated with screen printed labels is outstanding. If you want to tweak your design for your next label run, no problem. If you need to adjust your numbers at the last minute, this usually can be accommodated.
  8. Many bottle decorators have no minimum order quantities.

Brand owners and package design firms are faced with many different labeling options. I believe Applied Ceramic Labelling (ACL) is a great option for those that want to really differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Give it a try, even on a small run. I think you and your customers will be very happy with the results.

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~Steve Pelkey

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