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Universal Packaging is a leading bottle decorator in North America to the wine, spirits, beer and food categories. We have been screen printing, spraying and decaling bottles for 31 years. We see literally hundreds of new bottle designs every year. We see the success of our clients, and sometime lack of success, and we have learned to connect the dots between bottle design and success.

Most of the bottle designs we see are nothing short of inspirational. Some, however, fall short of excellence and we have learned that those are typically the bottles designed by someone other than a professional. The high-quality and effective designs almost always come from a professional packaging design agency. Here at Universal, we have three in-house designers who are experts at working with our bottle decoration techniques. Our designers collaborate with your agency professionals to maximize the possibilities and broaden the range of tools your designer has to work with. All of this is in the name of making your bottle, and your brand, stand out behind the bar and on the shelf.

It is true, professional design firms cost money. For many small or mid-sized wineries, breweries or distilleries, I can understand the allure of having a family member (or friend) design your new label or package. Chances are it won’t cost you very much money and they have a personal interest in your brand. While having them design your package is a very noble gesture, it probably isn’t a wise business decision. This is your brand, your business and probably your livelihood that we are talking about. If your bottle isn’t selected off the shelf, it doesn’t matter how the product inside tastes. My Dad once said to me “you get what you pay for.” This is true when it comes to purchasing a bottle of wine, buying a car or designing your brand and bottle.

Thus, I would strongly encourage all breweries, distilleries and wineries to hire a package design professional. I am confident that you will end up with a far better looking package and a more successful brand. You may have the world’s tastiest beer, vodka or wine. Don’t you think it deserves to be showcased to the world in its best possible light? 

What are some of your experiences working with design firms?

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~Steve Pelkey

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