Label Redesign Elevates Shelf Appeal

The Blank Canvas

J. Bookwalter Winery boasts a long tradition of exceptional viticulture in the Pacific Northwest. Since their founding in 1982 the winery has made big strides in improving and expanding their brand to produce some of the world’s finest wines. They have partnered with Universal Packaging before to produce custom screen printed label designs to enhance their brand so when it was time to envision a new direction for their annual Winter Rosé Pinot Noir, John Bookwalter looked to us again to see where we might be able to take the redesign. 

J. Bookwalter Winery release their Winter Rosé every November in celebration of Beaujolais Day. The 2019 vintage went to market with a paper label featuring a two colour illustration of a wine glass and simple right aligned typography.

The Partner

John R. Bookwalter President, J. Bookwalter Winery

The Creative

Creative Director Amy Haselman turns creative briefs into design solutions

The Design Journey

Art Direction

John thought to evoke the feel of the coming winter for the appropriately named Winter Rosé with something like snow falling on grapes or a winter vineyard scene. However he insisted Amy was free to follow her muse wherever it might lead.

Concept Development

Amy took the loose creative brief and set to work to develop a series of concepts to elicit the cold winds and clean colors of an oncoming winter using several hand drawn sketches of wintry graphic elements.

Mood Board

With John’s feedback from the previous concept phase informing the direction, Amy prepared a more refined mood board showing how the cool color palette and snowflake inspired graphic elements might work together in a more fully imagined treatment.

Finished Proof

The finished proof utilizes the unique properties of screen printing while fulfilling the creative brief’s wintry look and feel. Etched snowflakes provide a subtle backdrop for the central rose element and contrasting white typography while precious metal accents the brand name. The rose color shows through giving a warm glow to the otherwise frosty design!

The Palette

Subtle Etch Effect – Bright White – Precious Metal Silver – Wine Background Color – Full 360 Degree Wrap – Flint Burgundy Bottle

The Redesigned Label

John R. Bookwalter President, J. Bookwalter Winery

We have had a very favorable response to the packaging and the early sales indicate a higher take away rate than last year. We love it and so do our customers.


~Amy Haselman

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