Applied Ceramic Labels

Discover the beauty and durability of ACL Printing.


Applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL) is a screen printing process in which paints are applied to glass bottles and cured at high temperatures. The paints are bonded to the glass through this process resulting in a permanent label that is scratch and water resistant.

The look of your bottle says a lot of about the quality of the product. When you use traditional glued-on paper labels, you run the risk of ripping, scuffing or torn edges from transport and handling. In contrast, applied ceramic labels (ACL) are directly screen printed onto the bottle, removing those risks and giving your product a refined, smooth look.


The ACL screen printing process also opens up a world of dynamic design options that are impossible with paper labels. Our process allows for freedom in design like wrapping elements around the entire bottle, coating bottles with beautiful colors and using the glass itself as a graphic element.

How ACL is Done

Here’s an overview of how ACL is done

ACL Step 1

Start with a great design

Our design team has over 30 years of combined experience. Simply bring us your design vision and our in-house art team can either adapt your existing label or work directly with you to create a fresh design to really get your product noticed on the shelves.

ACL Step 2

Choose your perfect bottle

We have a full range of stock and proprietary bottles for beer, spirits, wine or specialty beverages—from 50ml to 18L. You’ll find one that perfectly fits your product and your brand.

ACL Step 3

Time to burn

Once you approve your design, we turn the artwork into film separations and send it off to our experienced screen making technicians who “burn” the images onto screens using a photo process.

ACL Step 4

Design meets bottle

Using up to eight screens (8 colors), our highly skilled decorating team applies your artwork to the bottles. Depending on the design and range of colors, the label may need a single pass or multiple passes for front, back and neck applications.

ACL Step 5

Beauty baked in

Decorated bottles go into a special oven called a “Lehr”, where we heat the bottle and ceramic paint to their melting points. This creates an enduring bond without ever compromising the quality of the glass.

ACL Step 6

Quality assured

After coming through the Lehr, the decorated bottles are inspected. Each bottle that goes through our ACL process is inspected for any imperfections and we stand behind all our products and services. We have the highest commitment to quality and a team dedicated to ensuring all our products meet this promise.

ACL Step

Cooled and protected

We slowly cool the bottles back down to room temperature and apply a protective coating to keep your design looking great.


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