About Us

Our Mission

“To partner in driving the growth of craft brands by responsibly providing quality, innovative, premium packaging solutions.”

Decorated glass bottles by Universal Packaging will raise your brands’ ''premiumness'' and help your brand start apart from the competition.

~Steve Pelkey, President and CEO

Our Story

One-family owned since 1985, Universal Packaging began life as the bottle printer for the Clearly Canadian soda brand.

As time went by the owners saw a need for a label printing service and bottle supplier to serve the burgeoning Okanagan Valley wine growing region.

From these humble local beginnings Universal Packaging has grown to serve our craft brand partners throughout the Pacific North West (British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and beyond).

We have continued to expand to serve new markets in the Health & Beauty, cosmetics, nutraceutical, and cannabis spaces.

Glass Bottles & Screen Printed Labels

The retail consumables market has a myriad of brands all vying for the attention of discerning consumers. Craft brands are looking to stand out among the competition.

Let us help differentiate your brand with the variety of stunningly beautiful results possible exclusively from our direct to glass label printing process, frosted bottle, and colored glass options.

Paper labels can be subject to water and scuffing damage. Our directly printed labels combine screen printing with heat bonding of the painted labels to glass for a durable alternative.

Glass Packaging Services

Whether you have your art ready to go and just need it printed, or are looking for a custom label design, custom bottle, closures, and cartons we can help.

Universal Packaging has been one of North America’s largest glass bottle decorators and label screen printers since 1985

We are also a distributor of plain glass containers. As a bottle supplier, we can source a wide selection of glass when you are unable to source your own.

If you have an idea for a custom label design our creative team of label design Graphic Artists can work with you step by step to bring your vision to glass.

Do you envision a bottle to differentiate your brand but it doesn’t exist yet? We can design a custom bottle to match your brand identity.

Vinoseal bottle closures add a color coordinated glass cherry on top that sets your brand apart from the rest.

Maintain brand consistency by including your logo and other info with custom printed cartons.

Production Capabilities

Our 66,000 sq. ft. production and warehousing facility has five screen printing machines capable of producing thousands of decorated bottles daily. We are able to accommodate any order size, whether you need 10 cases or thousands.

Realize Your Vision